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Have a few people asking for classes and have been offering them on an as "asked for basis". That is working out very well it seems for everyone. No stress! They are getting the subject taught when they want it at a minimal cost of $5 per hour. Isn�t that just grand? Is there anyone expert in a new process or technique you want teach? Let me know.

Beginning Quilters do you need a boost? I offer classes. Binding got you in a bind? A guaranteed class will make you into an expert. Mitered borders got you cornered? You name the process we can teach it-no job too big, no job too small. Matching colors or choosing fabrics a real chore for you? There is hope for you. Help available (as much or as little as you need) to pick and choose fabrics for your projects- just ask in advance to schedule a time.

I found a wonderful Hawaiian Quilt project. Hope to at least get a picture available.

Will offer a class in any process that you want to learn.  Let me know.  Do you need help with different kinds of border treatments?  A class can be scheduled.

*See note about classes.

If you want to teach any process, please bring your samples in along with your calendar and we will get some classes scheduled.

Are there quilters out there who would love to try their hand at teaching, but are afraid to try or don�t think you know enough or that your skills are not up to speed?  Gather your courage, bring some samples and stop by and visit.  I have been encouraging quilters to develop their teaching skills.  You may become famous or just more confident.

As always I continue to special order notions, books or patterns.  You don�t need to buy the entire bolt of a special ordered fabric.  I may want some.

*Note about classes � when you register for a class, you will be expected to pay your class fee at that time to reserve your spot.  Many teachers travel a distance and it�s uncomfortable for me, the shopkeeper, to not have students show up.  Refunds are possible.  Please ask for details when you register as to refunds.

Remember, we welcome groups of 10 or more for your personal shop hop.  Please contact me for details.  We have fun!


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